Brody, Governance

Brody, Governance ApprenticeWhat is your role?

Governance Apprentice

When did you start here?

Start of September 2022 and finish September 2024

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I thrive far more in a work environment than a class environment. I also was very interested in the idea of picking up valuable work experience, while completing a qualification.

Did you come with GCSEs or A Levels?

Yes, both GCSES and A Levels

Did you have a clear idea of what you wanted to do?

No, I did not have a clue! I looked at many paths that I could go down after my A levels, but ended up deciding on an apprenticeship, and I could not be happier!

Why did you decide to work here?

I heard of many great benefits that come while working in the West Suffolk Council and local government – that it was a great work environment to be involved in. The job tasks and role of the governance apprentice also interested me massively. 

What did you know about the council before you joined and what have you learnt about it so far?

I did not know much about the council before joining, but while being here, I have found out about so much more that goes into what the council achieves on the West Suffolk area.

What apprenticeship are you undertaking, and do you have future plans?

I am undertaking the Business Administration Level 3 qualification. My future plans are to see what is ahead of me at that time of finishing my qualification. I will look at different apprenticeships and areas of work within the council, with the help and support of many people in the council.

What do you enjoy about working here?

There are many things that I enjoy about working here – the positive work environment, my job role, the opportunities at offer and many other great things. 

Apart from your apprenticeship, have you had other opportunities to learn and develop, job-shadow or to be involved in different projects?

Yes. I am heavily involved in both the elections and democratic services teams. I help in many processes within both teams. Within Elections, I help with the set up of future elections and making sure every resident within the West Suffolk area has a right to be an elector, along with many other tasks. And within Democratic services, I help with the set up of council meetings and the communications between councillors and the council – only a few of the many things I support and take responsibility for. 

What advice would you give to future applicants?

An opportunity to work within local government does not come around often, and if you are considering an apprenticeship with this council, I would say go for it! There are many people to support you with both your job role and apprenticeship work. The opportunities that come with working in the council are vast!