Grace, Private Sector Housing and Environmental Health

Private Sector Housing and Environmental Health Apprentice, GraceWhat is your role?

My role is within the Private Sector Housing and Environmental Health team, supporting applicants throughout their applications for Disabled Facility Grants.

When did you start here?

I started in January 2022 and am due to finish my apprenticeship in January 2024.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I chose to do an apprenticeship because after A-levels I was unsure whether I wanted to go to university and an apprenticeship allows me to learn at the same time as getting experience of a workplace.

Did you come with GCSEs or A levels?

Yes, I have GCSEs and 3 A-levels.

Did you have a clear idea of what you wanted to do?

I knew I would enjoy an office based role, however, I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do.

Why did you decide to work here?

I had heard that the council was a good organisation to work for and that they treat their staff well, therefore when an apprenticeship that looked interesting was advertised, I knew it was a good opportunity.

What did you know about the council before you joined and what have you learnt about it so far?

I only knew of a few services that the council provide within the local community, but so far, I have learnt about the wide range of job roles with the council and the different responsibilities it has.

What apprenticeship are you undertaking, and do you have future plans?

I am undertaking a Business Administrator apprenticeship and don't yet have plans for what I want to do next, since I have only recently started and am yet to learn about all the different opportunities my apprenticeship could open up in the future. What do you enjoy about working here?

What do you enjoy about working here?

I enjoy the flexibility of the working day within the council and the support provided by both managers and other members of the team.

Apart from your apprenticeship, have you had other opportunities to learn and develop, job-shadow or to be involved in different projects?

Although I have only been here for a short time, I have undergone lots of training and had the opportunity to listen to and learn from other members of the team.

What advice would you give to future applicants?

An apprenticeship is a good opportunity to take and it's always worth applying for it if you come across one that interests you.